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Choosing a Pet Professional

Making informed decisions about choosing Pet Professionals


It is paramount that the Pet Professional and the Pet Parent discuss all information related to the pet’s medical history and behaviour before the start of the booking.

Examples are as follows:

  • Any existing medical conditions (e.g. allergies or illnesses)

  • Has the pet ever suffered a serious injury or trauma before?

  • Has the pet every shown ANY signs of aggression towards people or other animals?

  • Has the pet been sterilised, if not is the pet currently on heat?

  • Is the pet house trained?

  • Does the pet jump fences, dig under fences, or is he/she an escape artist and/or shouldn’t be let off the lead?


This information can be shared through the Paw Life chat facility or recorded on your Pet’s profile. It is always safer to record this kind of information in writing.

  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the person and their pets (if applicable)

  • Make sure to see the property where your pet will be kept

    1. Check the perimeter fence- is it escape-proof, jump proof and dig proof?

    2. Does the dog have access to areas where cars drive in or out? If so, what precautions will they take to prevent escape and injury?

    3. How and where will they feed your pet? Alone or with other pets?

  • How many hours per day will the Pet Professional be home with your pet?

  • Will they take them for walks, if so where and with how many other pets?

  • Are they competent in carrying out specific tasks your pet may need e.g. giving medication

  • Look at reviews or ask for references to get an idea of their pet care style

  • Ask about their requirements regarding pet vaccination, tick and flea prevention, and deworming. If they don’t require this from your pet, they won’t require it of other pets. Having your pet around unvaccinated and untreated pets could put them at risk.

  • Ask as many questions as you can, no question is too silly

  • Be clear about your expectations and if possible put them in writing to avoid misunderstandings at a later stage. For example, how much food should your pet be fed each day, do you give permission for your dog to be let off the leash or not, what treats is your pet allowed to receive, how many hours per day can your pet be left alone at home?



  • Inform your veterinarian that you are away and that the Pet Professional may bring the pet in or require veterinary records be released.

  • Give your Pet Professional written instructions for what you would like them to do in an emergency and what to do in the event that they are not able to reach you during an emergency.

  • Make sure your Pet Professional is aware of whether or not your pet has pet insurance and the relevant details thereof so that they can provide these details to the veterinarian if needed.


The Paw Life Service may be used to find and offer Pet Care Services and to facilitate payment, but all transactions conducted via the Paw Life Service are between Pet Parents and Pet Professionals. Except for the refunds policy specified here, you agree that Paw Life has no liability for damages associated with Pet Care Services (which may include bodily injury to, or death of, a pet) or resulting from any other transactions between users of the Paw Life Service.

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