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Ro's Academy of Dog Training
Ro's Academy of Dog Training

I'm dedicated to going beyond the basics in dog training. For me, it's not just about sit, stay, and come—it's about fostering a deep connection between dogs and their owners. I firmly believe that a loved and valued dog is a trainable one. As a certified dog trainer, my approach revolves around positive reinforcement. Instead of focusing on the negative, I celebrate and reward the good behavior, creating an enjoyable learning experience for both the pup and their owner.

The joy in my job comes from witnessing incredible transformations. Seeing a once unruly and disobedient dog evolve into a well-behaved, content companion is truly heartwarming. My goal is to not only train dogs but to enhance the lives of both dogs and their owners. Together, we embark on a journey that goes beyond commands, building a foundation of trust, joy, and understanding.



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Pet Sitting Services for Dogs, Cats, and Birds:
Discover dependable and comprehensive Pet Sitting Services for Dogs, Cats, and Birds. Your search for a trustworthy pet sitter ends here! I go beyond the ordinary, offering overnight stays from 6pm to 6am, Monday to Sunday, with the added convenience of bringing my own food to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience. During our initial meeting, we'll finalize arrival and departure times. I handle pet sitting duties across the entire of Johannesburg, and I'm more than happy to commute to and from the location daily if required.

While caring for your dog, I go the extra mile by incorporating basic training sessions—teaching essential commands like Sit, Down, and Stand. As part of the stay, I also provide basic grooming, including bathing and brushing, though please note that I adhere strictly to a no-shaving or cutting policy.

To guarantee a cozy and secure stay for your pet, certain provisions are required. It's essential to provide suitable sleeping arrangements for both your pet and myself, along with their food, treats, water, favorite toys, and any necessary training equipment. This meticulous approach ensures that your pet receives not only attentive care but also a home-away-from-home experience. Rest assured, your beloved companions are in capable and caring hands during their time with me.

Obedience Level 1 Training:
Ready to enhance your pup's skills and deepen your bond? Join me for Obedience Level 1 Training, an immersive program covering various commands, toy and collar training, confidence-building exercises, and strategies to curb unwanted behaviors.

Through the power of positive reinforcement, we'll collaboratively boost your dog's confidence and overall quality of life, all while strengthening the special connection between you and your four-legged companion. Bring along some tasty treats and the appropriate training gear for your dog, and let's embark on this enriching journey together.

This comprehensive course spans a minimum of 12 weeks, ensuring a thorough and effective learning experience. Upon completion, you and your dog will be rewarded with a well-deserved certificate, marking the successful accomplishment of this transformative training program.

Obedience level 1 training is offered in your home. Each session is one hour, and I encourage you to ask questions throughout to get the most out of the experience.

Dog Walking:
Embark on a tailored and trustworthy dog walking experience. For those residing in the scenic locales of Boksburg, Benoni, or the Lakefield area, my specialized dog walking services are designed with your small, non-aggressive furry friends in mind.

Picture this: a personalized outing where your dog not only gets the essential exercise they need but also relishes the outdoors in a safe and enjoyable manner. Whether it's a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk, I ensure that each session is adapted to your dog's unique pace and preferences.

Safety is paramount—rest assured that I cater exclusively to small, non-aggressive dogs, providing a secure and comfortable environment for their daily adventures. Give your canine companion the attention and exercise they deserve, all while knowing they're in capable and caring hands. Let's turn each walk into a delightful experience for your beloved pet!

Connect with me to set up a meet and greet for your pet's personalized care:
A meet and greet session allows you and your furry friend to become acquainted with the dedicated care they'll receive.

During this meeting, you can share specific details about your pet's routines, preferences, and any special requirements. I will ensure that your pet feels at ease and establish a connection that fosters trust. It's not just about arranging a service; it's about creating a tailored and comfortable experience for your cherished companion. Contact me today, and let's lay the foundation for a stress-free and enjoyable time for your pet!

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Show standard dog training, Behaviour modification, Baby & dog training, personalized training, pet-sitting, dog walking.

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All dogs (including power breeds) and puppies. Pets must be fully vaccinated.

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SADTC - Level 1 Instructor

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18 December 2023 at 11:09:36

I have 2 large mixed breed dogs, and despite having been trained before still have social challenges. I booked RADT for a home session to correct excessive barking and bad manners when guests arrive, and immediately saw improvements. It was clear what was the biggest problem (ME). I am grateful to know that my kids have the potential to be more obedient and look forward to the next lesson. Thank you Robyn.

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Home Dog Training

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