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Is rice good for dogs?

You might have noticed that more pet foods are including rice in their recipes…which got me thinking, is rice good for dogs?

Our research shows

that while dogs can eat and digest rice, dogs don't need carbs. Being a carbohydrate, rice does not have a lot of other nutrients. Although, it is worth noting that white rice is usually recommended over brown rice for dogs. The reason for this is that white rice is usually processed in a fashion that makes it easier for dogs to digest. There are instances when veterinarians recommend rice as a great food for dogs suffering from common gastrointestinal issues. Other than that, it's a nice addition to your dog's meal.


if you do decide to try feeding your dog rice, and your vet says it’s okay, then make sure that you cook it simply in water. Do not add anything extra to the rice, including salts and spices, or oils and butter. Always make sure the cooked rice has cooled properly before feeding it to your dog. Note that just like humans, dogs cannot eat uncooked rice.

Be aware that rice is a carbohydrate and should not form the majority of your dog’s diet. You can add rice to your dog’s mealtimes sensibly but avoid feeding your dog too much rice as this may put your pet on a path to canine obesity.

So although dogs can eat rice, our research does not indicate that rice is good for dogs. There are much better sources for the nutrients your dogs need.

We hope you found this useful.

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