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Why is obedience training so important?

Some people see dog obedience training as cruel, as if it will take away their dog’s spirit. However, true obedience training allows you to communicate with your dog to build a relationship of trust and respect. Good trainers use commands to bring out the best in their dogs. Far from being a barbaric tool, training bridges the gap between human and canine allowing you to be closer to your pet.

Here are just a few reasons why you should train your dog:

  • It keeps your dog active physically and mentally

  • Dogs need stimulation to stay healthy and alert into old age, just like people. No matter how old your dog is, it’s never too late to teach him a few tricks to add some spice to his life.

  • It helps avoid temperament and behaviour problems

  • Many dogs develop behaviour problems because their owners fail to set rules and enforce them. Dog obedience training establishes you as the pack leader and teaches your dog to listen and follow instructions. There’s no better way to keep him happy and under control.

  • It allows your dog to communicate with you and fit into your life

  • It’s impossible to have a relationship with someone you can’t talk to. Through training, your dog will come to understand not only your words but your personality and expectations. Once you and your dog can communicate and work together, you’ll have true companionship.

Start training your dog now!

Whether your dog is a puppy or senior citizen, there’s no better time to start dog obedience training with one of our qualified dog trainers. Choose from private or group lessons.




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